Lebanon to Receive Iran’s Food, Medical Aids after Catastrophic Blast
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Wed Aug 05, 2020 2:55
Lebanon to Receive Iran’s Food, Medical Aids after Catastrophic Blast
TEHRAN (FNA)- Spokesman of Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Mohammad Nasiri said on Wednesday that 2,000 food packages, weighing nine tons, along with medicine and medical equipment will be sent to Lebanon, adding that Tehran is ready to provide all sorts of humanitarian aid to Beirut, which has been shocked by a huge blast.

Iran’s first aid cargo arrived in Beirut hours after the deadly incident on Tuesday and two more cargos will arrive in Beirut later on Wednesday, Nasiri said.

He added that a 22-member medical team, comprising general practitioners, orthopedists, anesthesiologists, operating room specialists, pediatricians, neurologists, nurses and field hospital experts, will also leave Iran for Lebanon later on Wednesday.

A Rapid Deployment Hospital (RHD) will also be set up by the team in Beirut, he stressed.

In a phone contact with Chairman of Iran’s IRSC Karim Hemmati, the head of Lebanon’s Red Cross George Kettaneh said his country needs Iran’s humanitarian help.

Kettaneh thanked Tehran offer of aid to Lebanon.

Earlier, Hemmati had expressed Tehran’s readiness to assist Beirut over its deadly explosion.

Following the deadly explosion in Beirut, which killed and injured a large number of Lebanese people, Hemmati in a message to the Chief of the Red Cross of Lebanon expressed his sympathy with the people of this country and announced Iran’s readiness to assist Beirut.

Also, Iranian Parliament’s Health Commission voiced its readiness to dispatch medical aid to Lebanon after a deadly explosion rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

In a message on Wednesday, the Parliament’s Health and Treatment Commission expressed deepest condolences and sympathy to the honorable people, parliament and government of Lebanon and the Hezbollah Resistance Movement, and announced its readiness to send medical and humanitarian aid to the country.

“Undoubtedly, Lebanon is at the front line of the Islamic Resistance in the world and the Middle East, and by the grace of God, who said in Holy Quran ‘the land of Paradise is inherited by My righteous servants,’ Beirut will become beautiful and prosperous again by the righteous servants of God,” the message added.

A massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Tuesday, killing over 100 people, wounding over 5,000 others, and smashing a vast area.

Terrifying footage showed a huge mushroom cloud of fire and smoke covering much of Beirut’s port area, blowing out windows and destroying buildings in the neighborhood, as a warehouse at the Beirut docks caught fire on Tuesday afternoon.

Photos on social media showed many buildings in the area damaged or destroyed, leaving residents covered in glass and blood.

Several smaller explosions were heard before the bigger one occurred and turned the city’s streets into a debris-strewn wasteland.

In addition to local authorities, more than 30 Red Cross teams are responding at the scene of the blast.

Health Minister Hamad Hassan blamed the explosion on a fireworks accident, ordering all hospitals in Beirut to prepare for the victims of the incident.

Head of the Lebanese Red Cross George Kettaneh also stated that hundreds of injured people were taken to hospital for treatment, while some still remain trapped in their homes.

Hotel Dieu Hospital in Beirut reported it was treating more than 500 injuries and was not able to receive more. Tens of injured needed operations, the hospital said appealing for blood donations. Rizq Hospital also said that it has admitted 400 wounded people.

The health ministry said all Beirut hospitals are overcrowded with those injured in the incident and can no more accommodate anyone.

Yet, the health minister told Lebanon's LBC News that hundreds are feared dead and thousands have been wounded in the blast. He added that the death toll now stands at over 100.

The Lebanese Red Cross also declared that over 5,000 people have been wounded in the incident, while the numbers are still expected to rise. It added that over 100 dead bodies have been collected from the scene of the incident so far.

Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud called it a "national catastrophe" and Prime Minister Hassan Diab declared a day of mourning.

“It resembles to what happened in Japan, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That’s what [it] reminds me of. In my life, I haven’t seen destruction on this scale," Abboud added.

Badri Zaher, Director General of the Lebanese Customs House, declared that dozens of tons of nitrate had exploded in the port of Beirut.

Lebanese General Security Director Abbas Ibrahim also dismissed rumors of Israeli involvement, noting that a large cache of highly explosive sodium nitrate was stored at the site, after being confiscated off a ship several months ago. But he did not explain how the fire has started.

Early reports said a short-circuit has likely sparked fire at the warehouse where the huge sodium nitrate cargo was kept and fire later spread to an adjacent warehouse where a huge cargo of fireworks was stored.

Yet, there is still no official report on the exact cause of the blast, while a UN spokesperson told reporters that his organization is still unsure whether the explosion was "an accidental or man-made act".

Later, the Israeli Defense Force denied responsibility for the massive explosions in Beirut. Hezbollah has also denied the blasts were the result of a rocket attack.





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