Iran’s Judiciary Confirms Australian Envoy’s Meeting with Moore-Gilbert
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Wed Aug 05, 2020 5:15
Iran’s Judiciary Confirms Australian Envoy’s Meeting with Moore-Gilbert
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Judiciary Spokesman Gholamhossein Esmayeeli said on Wednesday that Australia’s ambassador to Tehran has held a meeting with the Australian-British prisoner, Kylie Moore-Gilbert, who has been sentenced for harming Iran’s security and espionage, and has confirmed that she is in fully good health conditions.

“You have certainly heard in the news that the Australian envoy has met with an Australian citizen who is kept in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s prisons for the crimes she has committed,” Esmayeeli said in an interview with the state TV on Wednesday.

He denied rumors spread by the western media that Moore-Gilbert is sick and has been infected with coronavirus, and said, “Australia’s official envoy held a meeting with the prisoner and said in an interview after the meeting that he has met her and she is in fully good health conditions and is kept in desirable conditions.”

Late in July, Iran's Judiciary had also rejected social media hype on the health conditions of Moore-Gilbert, saying she is in fully good health conditions.

Iran's Judiciary reaction came after certain social media posts claimed that Moore-Gilbert is not in a good health conditions.

In December 2019, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi had said Moore-Gilbert had been arrested on a charge of violating Iran’s national security and “the competent court has also issued the appropriate ruling by observing all relevant laws.”

“Experience has shown that the Islamic Republic of Iran would not give in to political and smear campaigns, and this Australian citizen is serving her sentence while enjoying all legal rights, like any other convict with a judicial verdict,” the spokesman said.

“Public opinion would not forget the Australian government’s treatment of (Iranian national) Ms. Negar Qods Kani who was kept in custody without committing any crime and was treated in an inhuman manner for 28 months. Among the examples of treatment of Ms. Qods Kani that were against the law and human rights were leaving her to have a delivery in prison, separating the infant from the mother, turning down a request for house arrest in lieu of imprisonment, barring her from seeing her baby regularly, and violating consular commitments by extraditing her to the US.”





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