Iran’s 1953 Coup: MI6 Confirmed Role of A British Spy
TEHRAN (FNA)- The hidden role of a British secret service officer who led the coup that permanently altered the Middle East was revealed for the first time since an Observer news story was suppressed in 1985. [VIDEO]
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صف تست کرونا در انگلیس
Long Queues in UK as Public Vent Frustration over Coronavirus Testing
TEHRAN (FNA)- Long queues at test center in Edmonton, North London, as public vent frustration over testing. [VIDEO]
آتش سوزی آمریکا
California: Drone Footage of Berry Creek after Fire
TEHRAN (FNA)- Aerial images show the devastation in Berry Creek after the North Complex Fire destroyed most of the little town in Northern California on September 9. [VIDEO]