Germany: Several Arrested at Anti-Lockdown Protest in Chemnitz
TEHRAN (FNA)- Nearly 300 people reportedly took part in an unauthorised protest in the city of Chemnitz on Monday, to oppose the restrictive measures imposed to fight against the coronavirus spread. [VIDEO]
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Palestine: Clashes, Tear Gas at Protest Against Israeli Settlements
TEHRAN (FNA)- Clashes broke out between Israeli forces and a group of demonstrators who were protesting Israel's annexation plans and the establishment of several caravans in the area, outside the town of Asira, North of Nablus. [VIDEO]
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Riot Police Fire Tear Gas To Break Up Anti-Government Protests in Belgrade
TEHRAN (FNA)- Police fired tear gas multiple times to break up a demonstration in Serbia's capital on a fourth night of anti-government protests sparked by the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. [VIDEO]